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                                        Pamukkale - Turkey

Pamukkale is one of the wonders of Turkey and this is the reason why this is the most visited site in Turkey. This is also included in the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

This place is a beauty can not described in words, it is enriched with natural as well as archaeological phenomenon. It's natural beauty and hot healing waters make it a popular spa destination for tourist, It host more than one million visitors every year. 

There's a calcium oxide rich healing springs and thermal water cascading down the cliffs to watch out for. There are several thermal hotels in Pamukkale and in nearby locations.  Places of interest in Pamukkale are, the Travertines which are considered to be a geological phenomena.
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The Tradition of Turkish people can be seen from family relations to rituals on special days. The native traditions and customs is still reflected in social life of Turkish people. Birth, Marriage celebrations, and even sendoff gatherings are celebrated with special preparations and great enthusiasm. The rich Anatolian culture and traditions are the heritages that are among the most precious to this diverse nation.

It also has its own dances style like Zeybek and Horon that are composed of unique melodies and moves, these dances are essential element of all celebrations. Turkish performs Dervish dance practices in there multiple rituals.

Traditional folk dances with colorful costumes are performances that are highly enjoyed. Enjoy the vacation on this beautiful land with different turkey tour packages that suit your budget best to witness hospitality and rich cultural values of this colorful land.
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The Climate Of Turkey

All of the four seasons practically exist in Turkey. Surrounded by sea on three sides, the parallel location of the high mountains and the variety of geographical formations like valleys and plateous have led to this diversity.

The climate is usually mild in the coastal regions due to the humidity from the sea. The central regions demonstrate typical characteristics of a continental climate.The Mediterranean and Aegean regions have the Mediterranean climate.

Here, summers are hot and humid while winters are mild and rainy. The Black Sea climate occurs in the northern regions of Turkey towards the Black Sea . The summer is not as hot as the Mediterranean region (about 25- 30 C ).

The winter is colder than the south. The main characteristic of this region is it the high amount of rainfall both in summer and winter.

Anadolu Hisari

Anadolu Hisari (Anadoluhisari), translated as the Anatolian Castle, was built by the great grandfather of Mehmet the Conqueror, Sultan Beyazid I in 1395.

Anadolu Hisari is not open to the public. However the fifteenth century Rumeli Fortress, which sits just across the Bosporus, is open to tourists.Plan Turkey Vacation

Enjoying The Fun of Sailing in Turkey

We are sure you have heard or you know that Sailing in Turkey is so special. It is just NOT so much about sailing itself but also the amazing charm of Turkey, hospitality of people, delightful secluded bays, spectacular historical sites all around the Aegean coast and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, intimate villages and modern towns around make Turkey very special and UNIQUE.

The maritime history of Turkish coast goes back almost as far as the history of the sail itself. In fact, the Underwater Archaeological Museum in Bodrum presently houses the remains of the world’s oldest known shipwreck, discovered outside the small seaside village of Kas.

Turkey is a very blessed country as such that it is surrounded by turquoise clear waters on it’s three sides. The Mediterranean sea on the south, The Aegean Sea on the west and the Black Sea up north. This characteristics make Turkey one of the best sailing regions in the world. The other plus to this is that the West Coast of Turkey is just a few miles from most Greek Islands.

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