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                  The Maiden's Tower

Leanders Tower

The tower often mistakenly named Leander's Tower in reference to the legend of Hero and Leander (which took place in the Dardanelles strait, also known as the Hellespont in antiquity), was destroyed during the earthquake of 1509, and burned in 1721. Since then it was used as a lighthouse, and the surrounding walls were repaired in 1731 and 1734, until in 1763 it was erected using stone.
From 1829 the tower was used as a quarantine station, and in 1832 was restored by Sultan Mahmud II. Restored again by the harbour authority in 1945, the most recent restoration began in 1998, and steel supports were added around the ancient tower as a precaution after the 17 August 1999 earthquake.
The interior of the tower has been transformed into a popular café and restaurant, with an excellent view of the former Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman capital. Private boats make trips to the tower several times a day.

                    Aizanoi - The Ancient City

Aizanoi, Turkey Aizanoi, Turkey +

Aezani was an ancient city in western Anatolia. Found in what is presently Çavdarhisar, Kütahya Province, its destroys are arranged on the back of the River Penkalas, practically 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above ocean level.

The city was a critical political and financial focus in Roman times; surviving stays from the period incorporate an overall saved Temple of Zeus, irregular joined theater-stadium complex, and macellum engraved with the Price Edict of Diocletian.

The city fell into decrease in Late Antiquity. Later serving as a bastion, in 2012 the site was submitted for engraving on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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                       The Exuberant Istanbul

Istanbul Istanbul +

More than Ottoman minarets and bewildering bazaars, Turkey's social capital is likewise trendy and dynamic. Traversing both Asia and Europe and isolated by the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a flabbergasting blend of old and advanced, of progressive and mainstream.

The cumbersome Byzantine Hagia Sophia and lavish Topkapi Palace command the old city Sultanahmet, yet over in Karaköy, in a changed over distribution center, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art grasps what's to come. Things to Do.

Along Galata Bridge, anglers searching for supper plunge their bars into the waters of the Golden Horn. Stroll past them to buzzing, bazaar-topped Eminönü where local people stock off on new pistachios and brittle sheep's cheddar from the fragrant Spice Market.

The dusk call to supplication to God from pencil-thin minarets brings welcome serenity, particularly from mosques grouping the occupied Old City, packed with exquisite Ottoman and Byzantine points of interest. Families swarm onto traveler pontoons at weekends to voyage the Bosphorus, Istanbul's true pearl, past pastel-hued wooden summer houses. Shopping. At 500 years of age, the sprawling Grand Bazaar in Beyazit stays dynamic - cover and gold merchants are as influential as in Mehmet the Conqueror's day.

                               ANZAC COVE

anzac Cove anzac Cove +

Anzac Cove in Turkey’s Gallipoli Peninsula was the site where Australian and New Zealander troops landed on 25 April 1915.

The Anzac Cove landings were part of the Gallipoli Campaign, an effort by the Commonwealth and by the French to remove Turkey from World War I. In fact, the troops were meant to land elsewhere, but were erroneously dropped at Anzac Cove, which was a steep and difficult terrain.

The Anıtkabir

anitkabir anitkabir +

The Anıtkabir (Monumental Tomb), crowning a prominent hill in the center of Ankara about two km west of Kızılay along Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı (map), is the Mausoleum of Kemal Atatürk, founder and first president of the Turkish Republic. It's well worth a visit.

You enter the tomb complex between two square kiosks and several stylized statues. The kiosk on the right shelters a model of the Anitkabir complex and photos taken during its construction.
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Bosphorus Strait

bosphorus_bridge_by_belkibirgun-d33iovl bosphorus_bridge_by_belkibirgun-d33iovl +

One of the world’s most strategic waterways, Bosphorus is the strait between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara; it is an inundated valley that follows an irregular northeast-southwest course 32 km (20 miles) long, 730-3300 meters (800-3600 yards) wide, 30-120 meters (100-395 feet) deep.

Bosphorus and Rumeli FortressBosphorus comes from a Tracian word of unknown origin, interpreted in Greek as meaning "Ford of the Cow", from the legend of Io, one of the many lovers of Zeus, who swam across the sea here as a cow chased and continuously disturbed by flies sent by Hera.

Old Harbor


The old harbor of Antalya is a small bay surrounded by the cliffs. In the period of Seljuks its breakwaters were constructed.

Today it is used as a marina. All kinds of services are provided to the small boats and yachts here. From this marina to the places in the near and far vicinity, boat tours are organized.

Inside of the citadel ( the quarters ) surrounding this harbour were restored. Today, it serves its visitors with its pubs, cafes, restaurants, discos and numerous shops within an ambiance of 150 years before.

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